Dreamforce Launch: E = Einstein + Artificial Intelligence for CRM
by Daniel Newman | October 12, 2016
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When it comes to CRM the greatest challenge perhaps has always been getting the right information into the system and then utilizing it correctly.

As technology and data has grown exponentially in recent years the systems have continued to improve; especially as it pertains to accessibility, mobility and to keep with words that end in “Ity” usability.

In the past few years, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing have been hot. In the technology space, utilization of automation, robotics, chatbots, and other artificial intelligence powered devices has been the holy grail for businesses. Essentially finding ways to do more, with less using the power of machines that can seek and access data and even get smarter as more information is made available to them.

This past week at Salesforce’s annual global event, Dreamforce, CEO Mark Benioff announced the inclusion of AI in their CRM, and they are calling the solution “Einstein.” The idea of this solution is that the user challenges mentioned above, could be solved if the solution had a tool that could help users such as a sales professional know which data, and in particular which opportunities are the most valuable by leveraging intelligence and data, rather than intuition and hope as a strategy.

I believe that this is a leap forward for CRM as the user has always been one of the biggest limiting factors in the successful use of CRM. However, I am of a strong belief that the early iterations of Einstein will be quite limited and the accuracy may have a long way to go. In time, having tools that live within our CRM software that can aggregate massive amounts of data and provide us a clearer picture of where we should invest our time could help CRM become a greater value to the user as opposed to the management who today is often the biggest benefactor to the utilization of CRM.

Big step forward. Genius perhaps. However, I still wonder if Einstein would have wanted to put his name on this product?

In this video, I further share my thoughts on Einstein and its impact on CRM and the future of software.

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