Why All Companies are Tech Companies [Video]
by Daniel Newman | August 30, 2016
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We have come to believe that certain companies are technology companies and other companies are something else. Whether it’s healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture or financial. However, we have entered a time where technology is so seamless with our lives that every company is a technology company.

In the age of Digital Transformation, it comes down to how we leverage the power of people and technology to create experiences that are simple, meaningful and memorable; of course within the confines of the work a respective business does.

A great example of the blurring lines is how Facebook as reinvented itself as a company with a vision of changing the future. Best known for their social media prowess, Facebook is so much more than social media. In fact, at this year’s F8 they said their 10 year vision is fuelled by the following.

1. Connectivity: Put everyone on the internet.
2. Artificial Intelligence: Solve the worlds most challenging problems.
3. AR and VR: Connect people like they are in real life even if thousands of miles apart.

These don’t look like social media to me? But in reality, what they are doing is creating experiences. Whether bringing people on line, solving difficult problems or putting people thousands of miles apart into the same room.

Here is my take on why it doesn’t matter what your business does. Technology matters, but more importantly the experiences you create matter.

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