The Future Of Network Infrastructure: Cisco Network Intuitive
by Daniel Newman | July 6, 2017
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Last week we had the chance to attend Cisco Live and their analyst event #CSCAPE. While there were many highlights from the event, one of the most exciting topics was the new “Intuitive Network” that Cisco launched. They believe that networking in the enterprise can be changed through their new solutions which addresses the following 3 things.

Intent: Using Machine Learning to better understand consumption on the network and improve usability. Cutting out time consuming processes of managing the network is part of this as well.
Context: The new network has the ability to not just read data, but interpret it for context which makes usage more understandable leading to better speed, infrastructure and improvement in customer experience.

Intuition: This is the biggest game changer. Using the Machine Learning capabilities and vast amounts of data, Cisco believes they can drive valuable business insights to customers with their new solutions.

The result is 2/3 improvement in network provisioning speed and an 80% improvement in network issue resolution. Managed by Cisco Digital Network Architecture aka Cisco DNA, the intuitive network is managed by a simple software dashboard that helps users realize the improvements above.

While the network isn’t always the sexiest topic when it comes to digitization, it is paramount for running software and driving user experience. Cisco has stuck to what made it successful with and have pushed it forward with their new Intuitive Network. I’m looking forward to reading more about the results of these solutions as they are deployed to customers around the globe.


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