Learn to transform your business into a dragon: an agile company fit to adapt, innovate and thrive even in disruptive times.

Unlike unicorns, which, for all their popularity, tend to rely on risky and experimental business models, dragons are established companies that continue to leverage their original startup mentality to systematically innovate their way to profitability. Maybe the best part about the dragon model is that, equipped with the right roadmap and the right set of tools, any business can learn to become more agile and transform itself into a dragon.

What does it take to build a dragon?

Dragons are not built merely on potential and popularity, but on purposeful reinvention, scalable market dominance, and commitment to long term success. In this book you will learn:

  • How dragons turn emerging market trends into transformative business opportunities.
  • What key technologies every business must adopt to remain competitive.
  • How to teach your organization to adapt to change and evolve faster than it ever has.
  • How experiences have become as important to consumers as goods and services.
  • What digital transformation is, and what it really means to your business.
  • How to driving culture change and turn disruption into a profitable business model.
Building Dragons book collection
"I was hooked on the book in the introduction by the authors' use of mythological creatures and the subsequent stance that a Dragon (either changeling or seeding) is more rare - and desired - than being a Unicorn. This is a book I'll reference repeatedly as my business evolves."
Michelle Mangen

Customer expectations have changed. Obstacles that once protected companies from competition have all but been erased. We need to turn disruption from a threat into an advantageTake charge of your company’s direction or die.


When we talk about customer experience, we mean your buyer’s journey, the foundation of your business. Digital transformation bears the lowest cost yet yields the highest return of investment to make their journey better.


Change-based processes like evolution, innovation and digital transformation never really end. We’ll break this down into 5 Phases to help you get the leadership buy-in you need to achieve results across the enterprise.

Agility and

Stop thinking about iPhone vs. Droid, or specific device features, apps, or screen sensitivity. The key to enhanced customer experience is mobility, another term for connection.

Big Data and
The Cloud

There are five pieces to the big data puzzle: collection, aggregation, distribution, analysis, and application. We are going to focus on three: collection, analysis and application.

Goals and

Metrics, as they pertain to a digital transformation initiative, are layered. To make sense of it all, you need to combine all the layers of interconnected metrics in a way that executives understand.


“I think the days are gone that you have to convince a leadership team to support innovation – they all want it but aren’t sure how to get there. It’s a separate question of whether they would be willing to cannibalize their cash cow. Most want innovation that extends their market reach, rather than replace a current offering. To paraphrase Gordon Moore, legendary CEO of Intel, only the paranoid survive: disrupt yourself before you get disrupted.”
Jonathan Becher
Chief Digital Officer, SAP
“Brands are striving to ensure their services are as seamless aspossible for consumers who expect an increasingly personalized andrelevant experience across all channels, including mobile and social engagement. To achieve that ideal the best brands put the customerat the center of all decision-making. To deal with this, brands need to bewilling to embrace creative destruction and reassess their strategicdirection as the world around them changes."
Kevin Bishop
VP, Customer Engagement Solutions, IBM Commerce


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Daniel Newman


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