Amazon Go Set to Disrupt the Retail Shopping Experience [Video]
by Daniel Newman | December 20, 2016
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Have you heard about Amazon Go? If you haven’t, it’s the newest retail concept from the digital giant that has brought us Alexa, Drones and the worlds largest Cloud.

So what is this concept? Imagine if you could head into your local retailer, pick up all of the things that you need and walk out. This isn’t petty larceny, or some shopper sweepstakes, but instead this is the use of technology such as sensor, augmented reality, big data, mobile and more to create a new type of shopping experience that matches what people are looking for in the future of retail.

Right now the concept is just a single store near the company’s headquarters, however, the concept is one that could easily take off and completely reimagine retail. Because of the high tech concept the stores are small at this time and only have a limited volume of items, however, as technology scales and becomes easier to deploy this could easily become something that other larger brick and mortar retailers should be considering.

Could you imagine if shopping at Walmart or Target was so easy? If you could just enter, grab and go?

I believe Amazon is following the laws of Digital Transformation by creating an experience that is more frictionless and convenient. I believe the reason people love Uber is similar. For the simplicity of access to rides and the integration of pay systems. No one likes having to sit on the side of the road and deal with cash or credit with a cab. Uber you just request, ride and go, the money is taken care of on the back end.

In this short video, I talk about the concept of Amazon Go, and although it is still in its infancy, I believe it will be a winner; I share why!

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