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Who We Are

Futurum is a technology, digital innovation and market disruption-focused strategy and research and analyst firm. Every day, our analysts, researchers and advisors help business leaders from around the world anticipate tectonic shifts in their industries and leverage disruptive innovation to either gain or maintain a competitive advantage in their markets.

What We Do

While our three key focus areas are research, analysis, and insights, we also provide a full menu of advisory services geared towards helping organizations navigate the treacherous currents of technological change and successfully operationalize digital transformation.

Whether your organization is simply curious about what technologies will shape the face of your industry in the coming months and years, looking to stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment, working to transition from challenger to incumbent in the next 12-24 months, or gauging the investment potential of a yet untested business idea, Futurum is here to provide you with the research, insights and expertise you need to make the best possible decisions, starting today.


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Why Futurum

Legacy research analyst firms are great at helping companies better understand broad industry shifts and obvious market trends, but most aren’t very helpful when it comes to explaining how new and disruptive technologies are truly transforming the world of business. That’s where we come in. Futurum’s research focuses exclusively on technology, digital innovation, and market disruption. We are the Digital Transformation research firm. As such, we are here to help businesses understand how to leverage emerging and fast-changing technologies, from the Cloud and the Internet of Things, to Virtualization and Artificial Intelligence, and not only learn to survive disruptive market shifts but benefit from them.

Our dream team of seasoned analysts combines decades of hands-on, high level experience in fields ranging from technology and digital innovation to manufacturing and retail. They have worked with the world’s largest technology firms, some of the most successful and pioneering startups, and have their finger on the pulse of global innovation. No other research firm today can match Futurum’s level of access to the world’s disruptive innovation brain trust, and our depth of specialized knowledge, experience and insight.

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