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Futurum is an independent research, analysis, and advisory firm focused on digital innovation, market-disrupting technologies, and industry trends. Every day our analysts, researchers, and advisors help business leaders from around the world anticipate tectonic shifts in their industries and leverage disruptive innovation to either gain or maintain a competitive advantage in their markets.

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While our three key focus areas are research, analysis, and insights, we also provide a full menu of advisory services geared toward helping organizations technological change and successfully operationalize digital transformation.

Working with our team of seasoned analysts, you will gain the knowledge, advice, and resources you need to achieve your mission-critical business priorities and position your brand and your team as industry experts.

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Our Research + Insights

Cisco Expands Webex Ecosystem with New Devices and Features at WebexOne

October 27, 2021
Yesterday, during the first keynote session of WebexOne 2021, Cisco expanded its Webex ecosystem by rolling out new devices and features.

Microsoft Sees Revenue Growth Accelerate to 22% in Q1

October 27, 2021
Microsoft shares edged 2% higher after they reported fiscal first-quarter earnings that exceeded analysts’ estimates.

Honeywell Delivers 9% Sales Growth and Expands Operating Margin

October 25, 2021
Honeywell announced another set of stellar results for the third quarter and expands their operating margin.

New Futurum Research Report – HPE GreenLake for VDI: The Optimal Choice for On-premises Cloud Services

October 22, 2021
HPE GreenLake for VDI is meeting the new demands of VDI adoption across WFH and hybrid work environments, providing peace of mind for IT decision makers.

BSS-to-Cloud Journey: Powering Innovation Across the Digital Value

October 27, 2021
If you’re responsible for driving the BSS-to-cloud journey in your organization, download your copy of this report today.

HPE GreenLake Lighthouse: Taking Distributed Cloud Strategy to the Next Level

October 18, 2021
If you are interested in learning how HPE GreenLake Lighthouse can transform your organization, download your today.

HPE GreenLake for VDI: The Optimal Choice for On-premises Cloud Services

October 18, 2021
If you are interested in learning how HPE GreenLake for VDI can optimize the way your workforce operates, download your copy today.

Faster than Fast – Oracle Introduces Exadata X9M Portfolio

September 30, 2021
If you are interested in learning more about how Oracle Exadata X9M portfolio can change your business, download your copy today.

The Rise of Confidential Computing – Trust: The New Battlefield in the Age of Digital Transformation

April 2, 2021
Confidential Computing is the logical solution for organizations focused on cybersecurity. Download your copy of this report today.

2020 Digital Transformation Index

October 29, 2020
If you are looking to improve your Digital Transformation initiatives, download your copy of the 2020 Digital Transformation Index today.

The Promise of IoT for CSPs

May 6, 2020
The promise of IoT for CSPs as an added revenue stream is great. CSPs can define themselves as a smarter pipe. Here’s a look at what that will require.

Why AI is Essential to Enabling the Success of 5G Networks

October 20, 2021
Developing and applying AI innovation to mobile networks, especially 5G network design and build, is becoming increasingly essential.

Cloud PCs: A New Frontier In Hybrid Work

October 20, 2021
Microsoft announced Windows 365, a cloud PC that allows users to enjoy a personalized Windows experience on any personal or corporate device.

Amazon Devices Launch: Astro Headlines A Compelling Story Of Our Connected Future

October 12, 2021
Amazon held its annual Devices and Services event where the ecommerce giant unveiled several new devices, features, and smart home products.

Does The Epic Ruling Open The Door For Apple’s Competition?

September 23, 2021
Let’s dive into the details of the recent Epic ruling from a U.S. District judge and what this means for Apple’s marketing position.

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Understand and engage your customers with insight into the mind of your buyer, competitive landscape, and market opportunities.

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Maximize your business value with insight into the innovative technologies, business models, and market dynamics driving your industry.

 Enterprise IT Leaders

Make informed decisions about the innovative technologies and companies that enable your IT transformation plan.

 Investment/Acquisition Decision-Makers

Use our proprietary and deal data to make your investment, alliance, and acquisition decisions with confidence.